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My Earliest Memories of My Great Grandfather Uzawa

“My Earliest Memories of My Great Grandfather Uzawa”

By Masako Nakagawa

WHO: Uzawa, Kikuya, Masako

WHAT: Early memories of Uzawa

WHERE: Harajuku (原宿)

WHEN: 1950 - 1955

WHY: Earliest memory which led to future research

Story Outline:

  • My house was 2 or 3 blocks away from my great grandparent's house

  • My great grandfather, Uzawa, built the house quickly after a horrible airstrike by the United States had burnt down their previous home.

  • I vividly remember the home and speaking with my great grandfather in the living room area.

  • Kikuya was my great grandfather's household helper

  • One day Kikuya was holding a stuffed animal teddy bear at my house - I was approximately 3 years old

  • The teddy bear used to belong to my great grandparents

  • I played with bonsai trees outside the house in the front yard

  • The front door was used for larger vehicles

  • The side door was where people came in

  • So I played with the bonsai tree by the front door

  • Kikuya came outside to invite me in for some tea

  • My great grandfather stepped outside of his study and asked, “Did Great Grandmother give you something sweet?”

  • I nodded my head in response

  • He walked into the living room and joined us for tea

  • I was with my mother, grandmother, and great grandmother

  • It was rare for him to come out of his study since he was always very busy with work

  • I always felt nervous when he was talking to me

  • I was 6 years old on the way back from a school field trip

  • Normal day and saw the principal on his bike passing by

  • All the students were walking home still in their outfits

  • I looked at my great grandparents house and noticed that there was Kikuya coming outside and looked panicked.

  • She looked around and ran to the direction of the physician's house

  • Later on, I found out that my Great Grandfather, Uzawa suddenly passed away on Oct 21st 1955 at 83 years old.

  • My mother Keiko was very close to my great grandparents

  • My mother used to go there every day just to talk

  • My mother always talked to me about my great Grandfather

  • After grandfather passed away he lives on through my mother Keiko and my research about his life

  • At the funeral, students came and sang the Meiji University song.

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